Telos and Other Psychographs is officially critically acclaimed. Read for yourself what has many turning their heads in thought at its literary content. Where will you stand?

“I definitely noticed hints of Whitman, Cummings, Shakespeare, Euripides and so many more!  This made for a very beautiful piece.” – Jessa Julian, MsJMentions (full review here, 5 apples)

“I can’t tell if the author is insane or a genius…” – Lisa Doherty, Rambling Lisa’s Book Reviews (1 star)

They can’t all be zingers, right? By the way, these are literally the first two reviews that came in. Bam, bam!

“This is a book that requires its readers to actively think on a higher level than an average novel.” – Katie Stockdale (full review here, N/A rating)

“Euphrates Moss’s newest book Telos and other Pyschographs has a charming Lewis Carroll playfulness to it that offsets the often sharp and poignant themes presented in the poems. The mix of heavy mythology and academically-flavored word choice will challenge many: heavy yet tender, this book is a dense tome that any reader will enjoy chewing on for many future readings.” – Pattie Flint, Editor at Bitterzoet Magazine