Quotent Quotables

Proverbs created by the Euphrates for the betterment and enrichment of those who would cultivate wisdom.

Copyright © Euphrates Moss. All aphorisms available to the public provided proper attribution. Based upon the most famous Almanacks of “Poor” Richard Saunders, Übermensch, husband to a shrew, victim of light scandals, and printer.

Chapter 1

Those who act like a rug invite being walked all over.

Criticism reflects more on the judge than on the subject.

Trouble never turns down an invitation.

One cannot strategize for a hand that has yet to be dealt.


Chapter 2

What you’d have done do; what not delegate.

Concerning days on which to rest, Sundays are rather apt. Other good days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

A good imagination doesn’t eschew limitations, it embraces them!

If you aren’t sure of the rules follow them. If you are sure of the rules break them.


Chapter 3

If you splurge on expensive booze you may be an alcoholic. If you go for the well on the other hand… you may be an alcoholic.

Every lesson in life is worth learning except for the ones you can’t afford.

A second-thought’s kindness can purchase a kingdom of regard.

It is infinitely better to know when to stay silent than to know when to speak.


Chapter 4

If you start telling the truth it will sound leftist to people on the right, rightist to people on the left, and insane to the insane.

Any concession made from the truth, big or small, does not create a part-truth; it creates a lie.

Artistry is in how you apply the tool; genius is knowing when to lift it.

Pity is nary a friend you want to invite, nor an acquaintance you would accompany.


Chapter 5

One step at a time may be the only way to greatness. Everest was never conquered any other way.

Those who deny the victim-hood of others should lose the right to claim it for themselves.

What’s the most beautiful action in which one can engage? Learning.

Produce like Shakespeare. Focus like James Joyce. Spend leisure like Mark Twain. And edit like Ezra Pound.