Il Bello Suicidio

Alternative from Telos and Other Psychographs (First Pressing)


‘Twas the Florentine sung the first of these

Of Cato’s pagan death without disease

The outside cause: Caesar and Pompeii’s split

A forcèd choice for whom to fav-o-rite

Heroic was the death he died instead

A letting was his choice: for friends friend bled

That’s the first some relent to stigmatize

I’m sure each side will only galvanize

Yet more I find are worthy of our praise

And more still aren’t confusèd in this maze

Like he who brinks dementia, losing mind

Would take his life than lose control in kind

And damage those around for whom he cares

They who guess at wiles he unwilling spares

Or he who takes the needle and O.D.s

For spousal death that brought him to his knees

Bereft of purpose in his lessened life

The only sunshine brought him by his wife

Then lastly, leastly there is the artist

I make no judgment who-in-who’s the smartest

If so prevented from the work he knows

With gun elicits saying: “So it goes.”

Considered unforgivable, this sin

How quaint: in lieu of Satence of the djinn

“If he were alive, oh what we would do!

It’s good god can extract his payment due.”

Depression’s nothing if not tragedy

As marked by pain felt incomparably

And god above takes it as an insult!

So in kind some who would carry a psalter…

What’s the point of withholding one’s last rites?

Are lives negated by their final plights?

Go on, ‘cause that’s the sense I get from this

It’s worse than even a betrayer’s kiss

Or sin against the mighty holy ghost

One can guess what that constitutes at most

Limitless all the other sins redeemed

By the lamb of god, so well-esteemed

Hitler in the end could have gotten saved

Think on that when next you visit mass graves

So much for that to be unforgiven

Life! despite no quality of living

Is sacred, and you’ve trounced his truegreat plan

Creation disarray, the cause: one man

How is it you defer “mysterious ways”

Illogical god his counterfeit plays?

“And you are wiser than the wisest one?”

Why not? Have others struck him deals done?

I say don’t sacrifice your reason’s end

For some obscure commandment none did send