Review: The Most Beautiful Woman In Town and Other Stories by Charles Bukowski

The other part of Ejaculations, Erections, Erosions, Explosions, and Tales Of Ordinary Madness, The Most Beautiful Woman In Town isn’t quite as good as its counterpart but as would be expected its highs do reach the heights Tales Of Ordinary Madness reaches. One of those highs is an account of Bukowski’s stint in the charity ward of a hospital as he was hemorraging from a 10 year drinking binge. Well Tales etc. has a better title. One of the truly fine things about Bukowski is that no matter you read early Bukowski or late Bukowski chances are you’re going to get a good book. This is a great example of early Bukowski, not having yet invented his literary avatar, Henry Chinaski. In a sense it can take guts to be this simple because everybody will know the bad ends of you. It is what it is, though, and still beats hell out of everything Henry Miller wrote post-Tropic Of Cancer.

Final Grade: B

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