Review: ReJoyce by Anthony Burgess

I’m very pleased with this book. Not only is it on point and information it also has enough writerly style in it that I can’t help but keep turning the page even if I didn’t find the section on Finnegans Wake to be helpful. I think Burgess should’ve focused on Dubliners and A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man more. But these quibbles aside the Ulysses section of the book was absolutely inspired. I loved his thoughts on what were going to be the ramifications of Bloomsday and how he made it even bigger than what had been apparent from the book and other books I’ve read about the book. It was a treat having re-confirmed in my mind that Bloom ate liver and bacon on that day while his companion ate steak and kidney pie. I love Joyce books and I love books on Joyce almost as much.

Final Grade: B+

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