Review: Pictures Of The Gone World by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I have the New 1995 Expanded Edition of the collection of Ferlinghetti’s poems and I have to say that probably the biggest complaint is with the newly appended poems. Why would he put new poetry into an old book? The reason I suspect the bonus poems of being new is that the word “cyberpunks” crops up. Shouldn’t he have grown enough at this point that he could no longer write as he did in 1955? Anyways, the original poems show someone who is not afraid to lay it out like a Bukowskian but he doesn’t have the pulp hero aspect of Bukowski nor the flare of peak 1956 Allen Ginsberg. What you get instead is a series of straight up poems that can appeal to the greatest mass, the greatest cross-section of educational attitudes. I haven’t read A Coney Island Of The Mind yet but I imagine it expands upon this content in all the right ways to create a super hit of collected poetry.

Final Grade: C

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