Writing Workshops


Dug this poem up today in response to an article that reminded me of it. I feel like workshops are useful. I was part of a workshop whilst going to college in Portland, OR. I thought the feedback I was getting on my poems was just wonderful. But I recognize that at that stage my writing very much had yet to hit maturity. In fact, you can read my developing voice(s) in Early Harvest if you’re wondering about a young artist who compromised just a little too much. That’s why I called it Early Harvest. You know, just thinking on the roll here, I’ve given some thought to doing a Late Harvest in which I gather up the best of this batch and put them together with new great poems.

I don’t want to do that, though. I don’t want to sit around and tinker with history endlessly and I absolutely hate when people re-package their shit in the music industry. Check The Smiths for compiling and re-compiling constantly their singles, b-sides, and other non-album junk. Also check Iggy Azalea (whoops on that The New Classic title. It got Reclassified and the term “classic” still looks far off) and Nicki Minaj (who had sounded so promising on her introduction to the world by Kanye West, hello Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up). Look, straight up, Early Harvest is the book. I self-printed other books before it that didn’t really get around and swept up poems from those (contact me if interested) because they were really rough drafts for when a publisher came. If I do a Late Harvest it will be all new. As of right now it ain’t happening because I’m not feeling it. I do have other books, though, in various states in my head and on paper and on computer. I just need some traction!

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