Changing The World, starting with McDonald’s.

It turns out poets are The Unacknowledged Legislators Of The World after all. Before you dismiss this as rambling please note that I’m talking about something very specific in the form of a poem of mine called “Breakfast All Day” in which a plucky character named Jeb rebels against the institution of McDonald’s by opening up a daring restaurant that serves breakfast all day. The linked article is all about McDonald’s restaurants in San Jose experimenting with the breakfast all day format. They’re only some 4 years late in implementation.

Don’t be left behind on this one, readers! See the poem for yourself featured in Early Harvest (first appearing in vox poetica). On another note, hey McDonald’s, stop having the McD app if you’re going to put out your own wi-fi signal that blocks internet access at your restaurants! It’s cruel to lure someone in with the promise of free fries and drink with a sandwich and then essentially re-neg on the deal with internet blockage. It’s really annoying to have to drive out of range of your signal jammer, bring up the app, tap the deal, and then re-enter and hope there’s no line because you have only 2 minutes to redeem. That’s a low blow. Low blow, by the way, being in my top 3 forms of sex. Stay tuned.

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