Word Woes

It’s not what you think. I’m not angry with WordPress or anything. What I am angry with is Word or both more and less specifically Microsoft Office. Mom put in an order of Microsoft Office for my new laptop here (which is surprisingly lacking it) and what we ended up getting was a back-up disc that turns out to be completely useless unless you downloaded the program. This specific contingency was not stated so fast forward to now and we have a useless back up DVD. We’ve spent pretty much most of the day working on this issue wrangling with customer service both online and on the phone (where we finally found out the back up DVD is useless without downloading the program). Anyways, argh, it’s just an annoyance for me but for her it’s plenty of work hours. I encouraged her to just give up and leave it for later half way through but she wouldn’t have the problem just hanging over her head during the time. I think the same way, too, often but her work is the more important thing by far.

Anyways, here’s one of my favorite Catullus poems. People usually put it right up front in his books. I think it really, fully, and honestly states what poet who puts pen to paper hopes to achieve. I gotta say now that I do mention WordPress, though, I don’t like the font options here. It’s the worst selection, I think, that I’ve ever seen. I hope there’s a way to add new fonts to this.

To whom do I dedicate this charming slim volume,
just now polished with dry pumice stone?
For you Cornellius, for you were accustomed to think
that my scribblings were something.
When already at the same time, you alone
dared to unfold the whole age of Italians in three scrolls,
learned, by Jupiter, and weighty!
For that reason have for yourself whatever this little book is,
and whatever you like, oh patron maiden,
let it last a long time, for more than one generation!

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