Pushcart PRIZE!!!

So, I’m trying to act all sorts of excited for the Pushcart Prize nomination with which my publisher has seen fit to honor me. Hence the exclamation points! The problem is I am completely out of the loop on what the “Pushcart Prize” entails. I understand that I’m nominated and that’s about how far I’ve honestly gotten. I guess there are winners? I don’t know. Keep in mind this is after I took a gander at the website. Nominations are done by publishers, ye-yup. The stuff goes into a book of some sort. Okay. God, is my ignorance about the poetry world at large really this… vast?

In other auspicious news I’ve gotten some niblets from heads of venues that might feature me in the future. Stay tuned and I’ll update as updates come. So far it’s just prospective but I can see at least 1 or 2 of them turning into something. I hope a win with the Pushcarts can bolster my self-esteem after having lost the N.E.A. I was pretty bummed about that one, but on with the show! I found out just before Thanksgiving.

I leave you with a promo from my publisher. This time geared toward the Christmas season. Happy Holidays, folks! I know I’ve got my Elvis, my Phil Spector, and my Vince Guaraldi playing.

Publisher: Forget the Calling Birds and Golden Rings…may we suggest the recent release from Euphrates Arnaut Moss, Early Harvest. 

Hello, this is Euphrates Moss, it is so difficult at this time
To say words that would express my feelings
About the book to which you have just read
A book that has been in the planning for many, many months
First, let me thank all the people who worked so hard with me
In the production of this book and in my endeavor and desire
To bring something new and different to the words of Christmas
And to the publishing industry which is so much a part of my life
Of course, the biggest thanks goes to you
For giving me the opportunity to relate my feelings
Of Christmas through the words that I love
At this moment, I am very proud of all the artists
And on behalf of all of them, The Crystals, The Ronettes
Darlene Love, Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans, and myself
May we wish you the very merriest of Christmases
And the happiest of New Years, and thank you so very much
For letting us spend this Christmas with you

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