Newspaper article, "Telos: Overture" [Op. 48], first accepted poem of the year

Excellent artilce, Issaquah Press!

I’m in my local newspaper. There’s an attached poem at the bottom of the article called “Telos: Overture.” It’s my first “accepted” poem for publication of the year all the way towards the 4th quarter of October. Hah! I can’t really explain the lack of publications in recent times but for the fact that Duotrope has become a pay service. (Le sigh.) I’ve been using New Pages instead, but still there have been no nips at my buds. Is it that my poetry has become more difficult as I’ve grown as a poet? Perhaps too difficult? Could I be losing my touch, even? There’s an example of the profound musings which keep me up at night.

Anyways, on top of that I am now actually 29. The paper got me wrong on that front. But my age changed on the 18th. “Which is it, Moss? Pick an age and stick with it!” I’m pretty proud of this article, I have to say. I put the right literary stuff into the interview and the writer of the article brought his A-game. Please check it out.

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