The Germ [Op. 45]

Excellent news for me, I’ve been published in The Germ Haiku section. This is the very first haiku I’ve ever published so I’m doubly excited. I’ve not had the best of luck with short forms. In fact I had a whole stint of trying and failing to get published in a little place called The Lilliput Review. If you have the time and energy, go ahead and check it out. It’s a great publication with an extremely apt title. New adventures ahead, and my first book is still TBD as far as release date goes. As soon as I get a release date for it, though, you’ll be the first to know. Happy travels.

Day After Update: Regarding poetry month, it’s been an exercise in different forms so far. I’ve written a limerick, a poem in hymn verse, a poem in free-verse, a poem in prose, a haiku, an opinion poem, and a concrete poem. I don’t think I’ll be able to do this, but I’ll nevertheless endeavor to do a different kind of poem for each and every day that I participate in Poetry Month. I’ll let you know when I fail.

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