The Neglected Ratio [Op. 36]

My first poem of the year, “Venus Anadyomene” (Op. 36) has been published in The Neglected Ratio. I’m so glad to be a part of this online publication and have had the honor of getting three of my poems published for their first time (not including this one) with them. Since the publication is run by one person, response times are quick (both have been lightning fast with me) and everything fits tightly together. The editor’s taste in poetry is top notch. In fact, I have to admit I was about to give up on trying to publish this poem as it has been rejected so many times. I don’t even think I was going to include it in any collections, but the acceptance of this over other material has made me completely re-evaluate the piece and my change of heart has caused me to include it in the manuscript for my (hopefully) upcoming collection, Telos and Other Psychographs.

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