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About The Poet

Euphrates Arnaut Moss has been writing since age 3 and he is the premier poet to be published by publishing company riverrun Quark (logo above). He has published various sketches in the Jibsheet, a newspaper published on Bellevue Community College campus. He graduated Bellevue Community College with an A.A. Degree in Spring 2007 and Seattle University with a B.A. in English/Creative Writing in 2011. Don’t hold that against him, though. He’s been published in Always Looking, Love’s Chance, Poet’s Espresso, The Stray Branch, Straylight, Soul Fountain, Languageandculture.net, Litsnack, Expressions, Eskimo Pie, Blink Ink, Conceit, Amulet, Open Minds Quarterly, Pale Horse Review, The Neglected Ratio, Ink Monkey, Vintage Poetry, Poetic Matrix Press (poeticmatrix.com), The Weekenders, Collective Exile, Je Ne Sais Quois, The Blue Hour, Yellow Chair Review, The Write Place At The Write Time, Section 8, Northern Stars, Corvus, and Bitterzoet magazines, The Issaquah Press newspaper, unFold (http://unfoldmag.wordpress.com/), Nickle Beer Night (http://nickelbeernightpoetry.blogspot.com/), The Sheltered Poet (http://theshelteredpoet.blogspot.com/), The Private Acre (http://privateacre.blogspot.com/), Clutching at Straws, Calliope Nerve, and (A) Record Magazine blogs.

He is currently working on the publication of his magnum opus, Telos and Other Psychographs. Stay tuned.

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